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Light blue hibiscus print mug with 22k white gold handle and accents, 14 oz

Light blue hibiscus print mug with 22k white gold handle and accents, 14 oz

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Oh hi, Beyonce!  I'm glad you found your way into my shop so you could find your absolute queen mug!  If you are a summer queen and you like it tropical and all, then this one of a kind 22k white gold trimmed beauty should be yours.  If you are in North Dakota, Washington State or Maine, studies have shown that this mug will make you feel so hot that you will be wearing flip flips while digging your car out of the 3 feet of snow outside.  Just don't try it because I don't want you to lose a foot.  Prosthetic feet are not included and are sold separately.


This mug is pretty, lightweight and as strong as your will to call out of work tomorrow so you can stay home and drink Joe like a boss.  It is glazed with a pattern underneath and has 22k gold accents all around.


***This mug is neither dishwasher nor microwave safe, unless you want to burn your house down ( not a recommended way to use the mug to get warm).  It is real gold and it will cause a real fire in your microwave.  This is also not a Halmark movie and you will not have a "meet cute" with a hunky fireman who is big, handsome, gentle, likes to cook, loves dogs, and has no emotional issues at all...I've tried it out and it didn't work out the way it does in an actual Hallmark movie.  Do not recommend.

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