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Green palm mug with 22k gold accents and handle

Green palm mug with 22k gold accents and handle

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Oh, hello tropical summer!  Is that Stephen, the pool boy, filling up your mug with a frosty beverage or iced mocha frappe?  I don't know what says beach waves and ill-fitting swimsuits more than this mug.  22k Gold handle is as golden as Stephen's frosted tips and tan and as dangerous in the microwave than you on the reggae club dance flooor after 2 Bahama mama's.  

But seriously, this mug is tall and exquisite with all of its palm leaf goodness and its golden splendor.  Every drink out of this will make you feel like you are on vacation.  Even if you can only afford staycations in Omaha, you can still feel as relaxed and carefree as though you were in the tropics.  No shoes, no shirt, no problem...unless you live in Omaha, then you will need those things this time of year.  Brrrr! 

No microwave, don't do it, you have so much to live for!  Microwaving gold is not the way to solve your issues.  Try therapy instead.  But seriously, don't microwave this unless you want an explosion in your microwave.  That would be bad, m'kay.  Also handwashing is preferred as the harsh detergents could fade your gold and alas, Shephen the pool boy will lose his lustrous glow.

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