Artist Bio

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm the artist behind the potter's wheel.  I am an art educator, and I have been teaching art for 16 years.  I was offered by one of my supervisors to teach Pottery in 2010, and I had little experience with the medium.  It was literally baptism by fire.  I entered the world of potter's wheels, manual kilns and glazing.  I figured it out as I went along, and I fell in love with it.  There was trial, error, failure, and victories and I found myself always having happy mistakes with the clay. 

In 2018 after struggling with health issues, I decided to give teaching a backseat and nurture the drive to create in order to find a place of healing and intention.  Litpottery was born.  I started with teapots from literature, then I created Raku work from my husband's designed Raku kiln, and now I own my studio equipment in my home.  I currently teach full-time and make pots in between but it is the perfect blend of life.  Thank you for reading.