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Lavender and pale blue witch mug, always in season b/c we all know one, 12 oz

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Ok, Karen, why do you have to be such a witch?  What is your problem?  Maybe you need a total boss mug giving everyone fair warning:  I am Karen; hear me roar and watch me soar! 

Whether you are the witch or you know a witch and want to give her a not so subtle hint, this mug gracefully does the job.  12 oz. of witch essense should be enough to get your sparkly disco shoes from that little girl and her tiny dog or to speak to one's manager.  The apothecary label gives "this might be coffee or this might be booze" vibe for those crazy Monday mornings as a Karen or with a Karen.  Either way, you can always play by the rules and turn the fun on a 5pm with it's fun wine cup shape. 

This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe and if you click it three times and say there's no place like home 3 times then nothing will happen and you will still be surrounded by Karen's or incompetents (depending on your Karen or lack of Karen identity).  So is the male equivalent of Karen named Darren because we all know that he was switched out on Bewitched and hardly anyone noticed.  Don't be a Darren; be a Samantha.


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