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White and black mug with tan kitties, 12 oz.

White and black mug with tan kitties, 12 oz.

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Do you love cats?  It is more of a love/hate relationship for them, but you already knew about their flighty behavior and their unwillingness to cooperate, snuggle or care if you die as long as food isn't a factor in their decision to keep you alive.  Now that you know how your cat feels about you, you can comfort yourself and pretend that your cat's dismissive attitude doesn't bother you by drinking out of this 12 oz. mug with jerks, I mean cats, all around you just waiting to ignore you and make you feel inferior.

How do I get this detail?  I handprint and handpaint each piece with careful consideration.  The print is under the glaze, so it won't chip or fade with time.  If you have cats, then you know how much they love to break things, but this mug was born in a house with 4 jerks, I mean cats, and was battle tested and survived.  


This is microwave and dishwasher safe mug, and it will not poop in a box, claw up your couch or throw you shade.  You're welcome.

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