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Red and green ugly sweater mug with 22k yellow gold handle and base

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Relive your childhood of that one, hideous sweater that you have recycled year after year.  You have worn this aweful thing to ever office party, damily garhering and you may have even lost it somewhere and like a horror movie, it reappears in the laundry jumping out at you like a gremlin or that die hard dude falling off that building thingy. 

This mug is a 10 oz. 5 inch mug with a 22k gold handle and foot.  It is trimmed with a foot ring and has a permanent ugly sweater pattern along the outside of the mug.  The inside is glazed white and it is not microwave safe, and hand-washing is preferred to preserve the gold overglaze.  This piece is made with a high quality porcelain.

Not microwave safe or dishwasher safe.  22k real gold to start 22k worth of smoke/fire damage to your kitchen. :(

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