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Iced Doughnut mug, 5 1/2 inches 14 oz.

Iced Doughnut mug, 5 1/2 inches 14 oz.

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Can you imagine drinking your morning cup or evening tea in this fun-loving, unique artwork?  This one of a kind mug is a fun, unique design with a black interior and a doughnut pattern adorning the sides.  The twisted handle is a fun way to get a grip on your daily beverage chalice.  The foot is just another unique design element for balance and the bottom is smoothed out so there is no wobble.

The images are printed under the glaze and will not chip or fade since they are protected by a coat of paper thin glaze.  It is light weight and quite the beauty and it is wide enough for you to get your doughnut dunk on.  Sits about 5 3/4 inches high and holds about 14 oz.

Dishwasher and microwave safe

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